Type: Tention & Compression (S-type)
Material: Stainless Steel
Protection: IP 68
Features: Low Profile
Application: Hybrid Scales
Hooper Weighing
Materials Testing
Crane Scales
Hostile Envirnment
Lever Conversation


NIYANCELL load cell USR2

is a tension and compression S-Type load cell and also has many applications in tension weighing with high sensibility.

The producer adjusts full scale output of USR2. It makes the load cells to in a way which they are not  much different to each other. In multi load cell weighing systems, calibration of USR2 is easily don through the junction box.

The material of this load cell is nickel plated alloy steel. Also NIYANCELL USR2 has IP68 which makes it usable under water.



Hanging weighing like crane weighbridges and pendent scales.

Variety of batching and mixers for asphalt factories, concrete factories, food industry

Also it has applications in pharmacology industry and petrochemical industry.

Measuring pressure force or tension like input force testing device.

Variety of ceiling weighing for example elevators and lifters weighing.


Additional information

Capacity 50kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1.0t, 2.0t, 3.0t, 4.0t, 5.0t, 6.0t, 7.5t
Accuracy Class C3
Max. Number of Verification Intervals (N max) 3000
Minimum Load cell Verification Interval (V min) Emax/7500
Temperature Effect on Zero (%FS/10°C) ≤ ± 0.0152
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity (%FS/10°C) ≤ ± 0.0125
Combined Error (%FS) ≤ ± 0.0200
Creep (%FS) ≤ ± 0.0165
Output Sensitivity (mV/V) 2.0 ± 0.008
Input Resistance (Ω) 350 ± 3.5
Output Resistance (Ω) 350 ± 3.5
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) ≥ 5000
Zero Balance (%FS) 1.5
Temperature, Compensated (°C) -10 ~ +40
Temperature, Operating (°C) -35 ~ +75
Excitation, Recommended (V) 5 ~ 12
Safe Overload (%FS) 150
Ultimate Overload (%FS) 300
Standard Cable Length (m) 10 (10t), 20 (25t ~ 100t), 3 (0.05t), 6(0.1t ~ 7.5t)

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