Loss-in-Weight Feeder


“Loss-In-Weight” measurement is used to reclaim bulk materials with varying density from hoppers. This high-accuracy, continuous and gravimetric measurement is used to continuously adjust the speed of the feeder during discharging to keep the material flow constant. A precondition for this measurement method is the use of adjustable feeders like rotary valves or screws to control discharge rates.

NIYANCELL Hopper Scales can be supplied for all hopper sizes with the customer-requested accuracy. We can supply cost-efficient weighing systems from simple production control scales to high-accuracy hopper scales for the uranium or gold industry.

A loss-in-weight feeder is a gravimetric metering device that receives material from an upstream supply and accurately doses the material into a process at a predetermined feed rate. The LIW is particularly suited for continuous regulation of the flow rate of powdery or fine granular material. The measurement of the flow rate is obtained from the loss of weight of a hopper positioned on high precession load cells, from which the material to be fed is extracted by means of a variable speed screw or a vibrating feeder. The totally enclosed structure of the LIW feeder makes it possible to handle dangerous materials in complete safety. The machines can be supplied, if necessary, in an explosion-proof version and also with an entirely stainless steel structure.The devise is supplied complete with a microprocessor based measurement & control system LIW9000 which continuously measures the loss in weight of the material from the hopper and compares it with the discharge rate from the screw or vibratory feeder and corrects the same accordingly.
Technical Characteristics
Flow rate:
Feed Range : 0.5 TPH to 50 TPH
Precision :± 0.5% of the set flow rate
Higher capacity on demand by using multiple screw. 1 : 10 Totally enclosed housing, ensuring pollution less environment Special explosion proof or stainless steel versions. Vast range of accessories (Butterfly Valves, Screws, Agitators, Bin Aeration System)


NIYANCELL have a variety of installation methods. We can come to site and fully install and calibrate your scales. Alternatively, we can provide instructions and guidance if you choose to self-install or have your machine dealer do the install.

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