Flow Meters


• Flow rate measurement for bulks solids
• Dust-tight housing
• Compact design
• Robust, Cost effective with simple application


The NIYANCELL Solids Flow Meters are designed as a totally enclosed measuring or feeding systems for dry bulk materials. These measuring systems can be used for;

  • Flow rate
  • Totalisation
  • Batching
  • Train/Truck loading of dry bulk materials with a maximum grain size of up to 30 mm. The units can be supplied with an optional controlled pre-feeder to form a feed system.


• Qty four (4) 25,000 lb Compression load cells
• Double button rocker mount with stainless alignment flexure
• 1//2″ fabrica shock pad protection
• Heavy duty check rod system
• Stainless steel sealed junction box
• 18″ tall with 1/2″ smooth deck plate
• 2 coat enamel finish standard
• Epoxy finish or hot-dip galvanized optional
• Accuracy as set forth in NSST Handbook 44 as a Class IIIL device
• NIYANCELL SE-7580 digital weight indicator included


The measuring chute evaluates the flow rate either by the impact force or the reactive force.

For Impact type flow meters the measuring plate is set in the material flow, imposing the flow rate via a material constant.

For deflection type meters the material is evened out and then guided to the curved measuring chute, free from impact force.

On the measuring chute the material is accelerated radially.

The resulting reactive force is acquired by the load cell.

Flow meters typically achieve in service accuracies of 2%.


Weighing terminals for filling and batching scales

Scale mechanics and filling controller are both crucial parts determining the speed and accuracy of a filling facility., e.g. barrels, plastic canisters, bags, big bags and IBC tanks. Regardless whether you batch powder, granules, pastes or liquids, even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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