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Weigh Belt Feeder

Flexibility is required to measure continuous, different material streams. This is a requirement which NIYANCELL conveyor belt scales meet extremely well. They can be used virtually anywhere, in the pit and quarry industry, in heavy industry, or in the foodstuffs and chemical industries. The NIYANCELL weigh feeder can be used in an extremely wide variety of ways for continuous gravimetric feeding for feed rates up to approximately 6000 t/h and it excels due to its high level of accuracy of ±0.25%.


NIYANCELL Industrial-Duty Weigh Belt Feeder with Discharge Gate including Water Drainage
Extended standard weigh belt feeder (troughed belt) with discharge gate type 01.1, including water drainage, for allowing zero-setting, for repair purposes and simultaneous water drainage. Suitable for coarse-grained materials, e.g. gravel and crushed stones, ores, clinker, glass, etc.

NIYANCELL Weigh Belt Feeder

Advantages of NIYANCELL Weigh Belt Feeders

• Extremely robust design
• Hot-dip galvanized
• Modular design
• Manual or electric shut-off gate for repair purposes
• Automatic zero-setting with electrically driven shut-off gate
• Automatic belt-tensioning device
• High batching and weighing accuracy
• Pre-adjusted in factory
• Simple and fast re-adjustment with test weight (supplied by NIYANCELL)
• Legal-for-trade (reclaim weigh feeders)

NIYANCELL Weigh Belt Feeder

Advantages of NIYANCELL Weigh Belt Feeders

• Highly accurate and reliable design
• AC Gearmotor
• Low profile design
• Fully enclosed option
• Dust tight version
• 1:20 control range (95% turn down)
• Self aligning and tensioning weighbelt


Weighfeeders can be configured to continuously control the feed of material, measure a feed rate or batch a quantity of material into industrial process. The sturdy, reliable design makes the WF400 i/v suitable for the use in the following industries:
• Quarry, Sand and Gravel
• Chemical
• Wheat and Grain
• Livestock feeds
• Mining and Minerals Over volumetric feeding devices, the application of weighfeeders results in improved final product.

Construction The standard weighfeeder package consists of:

• C section frame design, self supporting during belt change.
• Self tensioning (gravity take-up unit) and self aligning weighbelt.
• Inner and outer belt scrapers.
• Stainless Steel load cells mounted under the frame, away from material ingress.
• AC drive motor with control range 1:20 (95% turn down) without forced fan cooling.
• Calibration weight receptors for ease of calibration. Optionally can include:
• Weigh belts with flexible sidewalls.
• Fully enclosed units.
• Dust tight units.
• Special frame configurations.


The belt load (q, kg/m) is accurately measured via a single weigh idler mounted on two stainless steel load cells.
The non drive side of the motor is fitted with a speed sensor which accurately measures the speed (v, m/s).
These two signals are then connected to the controller which accurately evaluates the feedrate (I, kg/h).
The controller then sends a closed loop control magnitude (Y, mA) to either direct coupled drive or the pre feeder.
The infeed hopper is configured to suit the specific material to be fed, including vibrating hoppers for wet/sticky material and dust settling chambers for fine materials prone to flushing.

NIYANCELL Weigh Belt Feeder

Scales Installation
NIYANCELL have a variety of installation methods. We can come to site and fully install and calibrate your scales. Alternatively, we can provide instructions and guidance if you choose to self-install or have your machine dealer do the install.

Pre Feeders
Depending of the material property, it is often required to install a pre-feeder before the weigh feeder. There are various types of pre-feeders for various applications.

In case of on-line check weighing, the storage silo is placed on load cells at each of its support points and the output from these load cells are fed into the weighfeeder controller, which in this case will have an additional weigh module. The operator has to press a “check weighing start” button. This will automatically turn off silo feeding. Silo feeding can be re-started once on-line calibration procedure is complete. At the end of the pre-determined sampling time the operator will have to press the “check weighing stop” button. The loss in weight from the silo is accurately measured by the controller and compared with the totalized weight of discharge from the weighfeeder during this period. The correction factor is automatically generated and can be inserted at the operator’s discretion. In case where taking drop test is not practically possible or where interruption of the process is not permissible for taking drop test, an on-line check weighing system can be installed along with Subtleweigh Weighfeeders for dynamically cross-checking the weighfeeder performance and inserting the correction factor thereafter online.



(RVF) RVF is used for pulverized/ powdery materials, often aerated, to prevent flushing downstream. These are designed to extract and regulate uniform feed of powdery materials from the storage bins.
The rotary vane feeder consists of shaft mounted vanes fitted with adjustable spring steel tips in an enclosed casing. When the shaft revolves, the vanes spaces in the upper part of the feeder allows the materials to fill.
As rotation continues, the material is carried around, inside the enclosed casing and discharged by gravity at the bottom of the feeder. Quality, Continuity, years ago, NIYANCELL developed the first weigh belt feeders for products with varying changes in flow characteristics and bulk density. All components and software for the modular designed weighing system are produced in-house at our factory. The modular design of the NIYANCELL blending and reclaim weigh belt feeders allows an individual adaptation to on-site conditions while using standard components. Each blending device can be equipped with either a manual NIYANCELL shut-off/sealed gate or an electric slide gate. An electric slide gate allows automatic zero-setting of the belt scale.
The robust blending/reclaim weigh belt feeders can be supplied with belt widths from 400 mm (16 inches) to 1,400 mm (56 inches) to meet all application-specific requirements in respect of flow rate, product or flow characteristics. All standard components are cut on our own laser cutting machine and then hot-dip galvanized.
The weigh belt feeders can be supplied with troughed or flat belts. The well-designed construction protects the scale from any detrimental influences disturbing the high-accuracy weighing.
Each weigh belt feeder can be adapted in length and width to meet any customers’ specific requirements. Prior to commencement of manufacturing, plans in PDF or DWG formats will be submitted to the customer for final approval. Connecting flange and chute can be individually adapted to any customer application. The weigh belt feeder is equipped with a slip-on gear drive. The motor power rating is optimally selected for any specified blending/reclaim rate (special motor versions also available).
Numerous options are available, such as dust covers, wear-resisting lining, water gutters, emergency-pull cords, sheet cover for reverse pulley, frequency converters, etc. All sensors are non-contacting. NIYANCELL blending/reclaim weigh belt feeders can be easily combined with other NIYANCELL  components.

Set-Up of the NIYANCELL Blending/Reclaim Weigh Belt Feeder


Depending upon the application and product, the manual emergency shut-off gates, types 09 and 99, the pin gate, type 89, or the double-flange sealed gate, type 02, may be used as shut-off gates. The NIYANCELL sealed gates, types 03 and 08.1 as well as the slide gates, type 01.1, can be supplied either with a motor or with only a hand-wheel. A combination of the various blending/reclaim feeders with the above listed gate types with opening widths ranging from 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8 inches) to 1,000 x 1,000 mm (40 x 40 inches) meets most flow rate requirements.


The robust connection frame between slide gate and belt feeder prevents dust and dirt entering the slide mechanics. All slide gate components are freely accessible and can be changed without having to empty the stockpile or silo.


The feed chute is mounted between connection frame and belt feeder and allows the forming of a material bed on the belt. The feed chute can be adapted to any customer application.


Available standard versions:

• Belt widths ranging from 400 – 1,400 mm (16 to 55 inches)
• Material bed depth adjustable to max. 400 mm (16 inches)
• Belt feeder lengths ranging from 2 – 12 m ( 7 to 39 feet)
• Flow rates up to 2,500 t/h (special sizes upon request)


Lined with 10 mm (0.39 inches) polyurethane reducing wear and noise.


Maintenance-free, self-adjusting outer belt cleaner with rubber spring element for easy belt cleaning. The V-shaped inner belt cleaner prevents belt damage from material intruding between belt and reverse pulley.


Each belt scale is supplied with a robust digital tachometer (wheel) for measuring the belt speed. Sensor and bearing are hermetically sealed to prevent contamination from dirt.


• Zero Setting
• Erase Weight
• Date/Time
• Print Log for consecutive number, date, time and weight (only with GCU 64)
• Pre-selection of total weight quantities
• Power Flow / Slow Flow Shut-Off
• Correction Factor
• Buffered Totalizer


All scales are pre-adjusted at factory and can easily be re-adjusted on site with the supplied test weight.
Technical Features
• Modular
• Bolted
• Completely hot-dip galvanized
• Motor and bearings maintenance-free
• Adaptable flanges
• Chute (optional)
• Outer and inner belt cleaner
• Dust cover (optional)
• Lagged drive pulley (optional)
• Interfaces to dust extraction system (optional)
• High-resolution belt scale
• Robust measuring wheel (hermetically sealed)
• NIYANCELL Weighing Terminal
• Serial interface RS-485 (optional)
• Analog interface 4-20 mA oder 0-10 V (optional)
• Integrated PID controller
• Operator Menu English/German/French (other languages optional)
• Custom-tailored software
• Connection of the belt scales directly via RS-422/485 or, optionally, via PROFIBUS to PC and PLC of

NIYANCELL Control System for Processing Plants, and NIYANCELL Blending and Loadout System

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