Type: Single Point
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Surface: Anodized Treatment
Protection: IP 65
Features: Suggested Platform
Size: 600 x 600 mm
Application: Platform Scales
Bench Scales
Bag Filing
Overhead Track Scales


Niyancell load cell PAL11 is one of the most common single point load cells With 4 screws on its top and bottom. Due to its range of measurement, scale producers  use this load cell in commercial scales in range of 50kg to 1000 kg. PAL11 load cell has minimum load cell verification level of 10000 in “C3” class. Because of its great accuracy, weighing industry manufacturers rapidly use this load cell.

Niyancell load cell PAL11 is a single point load cell. The producer calibrates it and determines its accuracy class as “C3”. With size of 60×60 centimeters it has no weight difference to its edges.

This load cell is made of aluminum alloy and resistant glue fills its meeting point in resin method. It also has IP65 certification which makes it usable in industrial environments.



Variety of single point scales like retail and general scales, piece counter scales, postal scales, airport scales. Also it has application in home scales, label scales, barcode reader scales and industrial scales.

Variety of conveyor weighing in single point form like weighing conveyor, weighing rollers, production line controllers and variety of packing and filling machines.

Variety of hoper weighing for food and chemical industry.

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