Type: Single Point
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Surface: Anodized Treatment
Protection: IP 65
Features: Suggested Platform
Size: 200 x 200 mm
Application: Bench & Counting Scales
Bagging Machine
Check Weighers


NIYANCELL load cell PLAM which is called miniature size because of its small form is mostly used in jewelry scales. The Measurement range of this load cell is from 300 grams to 3 kg.

NIYANCELL load cell PLAM is a single point load cell. The producer calibrates it and determines its accuracy class as “C3”. With size of 20×20 centimeters it has no weight difference to its edges.

This load cell is made of aluminum alloy and resistant glue fills its meeting point in resin method. It also has IP65 certification which makes it usable in industrial environments.

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